Post 120 Honor Guard

The James R. Hickey Post #120, of the American Legion, Department of New York, offers the service of our Honor Guard when a veteran dies.  Working with funeral homes from Rochester to Syracuse, the Honor Guard has served the veterans in Wayne, Ontario, and Monroe Counties as well as other counties of the Finger Lakes Region of New York, including the National Cemetery at Sampson. From the shores of Lake Ontario to the hills overlooking the Finger Lakes, men and women from American Legion Post 120 have stood at attention and carried out the ceremony.

The pictures below are from the eighth funeral in two weeks by the post.  As of today, two more have already been scheduled for this upcoming week.  We are headed toward 60 funeral services already this year and it is only July.

The men and women serving on the Color Guard carry and present the American Flags with dignity to the family of our deceased comrades while the rifle squad offers a three round remembrance volley from their M1 Garand rifles.

At this particular service, there were seven members of the rifle party.  Not wanting her picture taken for this ceremony was also the bugler who ensures that the ceremony ended with the playing of TAPS, a fitting tribute and final salute.

The families of the deceased veteran(s) have always been grateful for this final ceremony.  However, it is the members of the Honor Guard who feel honored to be able to salute a comrade in arms as they have gone to their final guard-mount.

The James R. Hickey Post would like to thank the funeral home directors for remembering our veterans and allow us to participate in honoring the men and women who have honorably served the United States of America Armed Forces.


Photos by C. Ziegler of Murphy Funeral Homes.