2019 April Post Newsletter

April, 2019


Dear Members, Prospective Members and Honorably Discharged Veterans and their Families:


Welcome to the James R. Hickey Post #120 American Legion Department of New York’s renovated website News Letter!   Thanks to the collective genius of our webmasters, we will again begin to publish a monthly newsletter sharing with its’ readers the planned happenings and events involving our American Legion Post and its’ membership organizations.

I must first state that the Post, American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) and the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) are all involved in creating and planning events that will help us all celebrate the Centennial of our great organization.  If you are not a member but wish to join one of our organizations of the Post, to check on your eligibility, call the Post and we can tell you over the phone what is required.

On April 3rd at 6:30, we will be gathering as a Legion Family to brainstorm ideas on how to celebrate our Centennial.  Please join us, everyone is welcome!   It is also the Centennial of the Post which many people didn’t know.  Past Commander, Ann Guest, is an expert of our history, tracing it back to the Admiral Sampson (hero of Manila Bay, Spanish-American War) Post.  We had to change the name to James R. Hickey when the rule was made that it had to be named after a casualty of World War I.  You can find a complete biography of James R. Hickey on our website.

April will be an active month here at the Post so please consult your calendars and join us for any or all of the activities to which you feel drawn.  Most of them are on the calendar of the website but I will share a few of the more important.  April 6 is the last Steak Dinner until October.  Still only $15.00 but tickets go fast for the dinner so call the Post (315-597-2412) to reserve your ticket.  Speaking of dinners, May 4 will be a Chicken French Dinner sponsored as a fund raiser by the Auxiliary.  I know the cooks so I am already reserving my tickets for that feast.  Honor Flight is returning on April 7th.  If you wish to carpool to this exceptional experience, be at the Post by 11:15.  It is an unforgettable experience if you have never been there.

The SAL is hosting their annual Ham/Shrimp Party of April 13th at 6:00 p.m. It is a time of great fun and camaraderie.  Stop by and support the SAL in their efforts to promote their community programs.

I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you to check the calendar section to see when your monthly meetings are scheduled.  The Post’s meetings are now the second (2nd) Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  I would appreciate your attendance at those meetings since we have a great need for ideas on how to support the Four Pillars of the American Legion: Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation, Youth and Children, Americanism and National Security.

We have initiated what the National Organization refers to the “Buddy Check”.  This means that we are asking each and every member to call another veteran and see if they need anything.  It is just the idea of checking up on our fellow veterans and not allowing anyone to slip through the cracks of life.  We have found some with things as simple as address changes.  We discovered a veteran (not a member) who was having getting his winter coat’s zipper fixed.  We found the tailor who was willing to do it.  Don’t forget to check on the elderly as well.   Some persons just need to know they are not forgotten.  “Leave no one behind” means more than just on the battlefield.

Younger veterans, we need you to participate.  You will not be asked to do any more than you are willing to do.  No pressure!

We are now helping advertise for veterans that want or need jobs.  There is a need for Census Takers and the jobs are advertised at the Post.  There is a need for both part-time and full time jobs offered by an organization in Palmyra.  Stop by the Post and talk with me about these opportunities.

Speaking of participation, look for the following activities for afternoons or evenings during April: Play Euchre?  Call the Post and see which Saturday evening that is scheduled.  How about learning or honing your skills in shuffleboard?  The shuffleboard has been totally restored and is awaiting your sliding those metal pucks 22 feet.  It is definitely a skill thing that must be practiced.  Speaking of skills, how many of you play golf?  Wednesday’s there is always a caravan of members who play courses around the area.  I know that there are always openings for the interested.  Call the post or Ray Jenkins for more information on joining that adventure.


There is so much to say and so little space within which to share, I will end with reminding you that this Post is faithful to serving the Four Pillars that I mentioned above.  I will attempt to share in the months to come what we are doing in each of the areas for which we are responsible. Again, if you are a veteran and not yet a member, or family of a veteran, call and we will share what is needed to join.



For the American Legion,

David Borland, Commander

James R. Hickey Post 120


Legion Centennial Coins Available From the U.S. Mint

Starting on March 14th the U.S. Mint, honoring 100 years of service of the American Legion, made available, the American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins. The special centennial coins, produced and sold by the U.S. Mint, are a great way to honor our organizations legacy that began March 15-17, 1919.

Only 50,000 of the $5 gold coins, 400,000 silver dollar coins and 750,000 half-dollar coins will be produced. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Proceeds from coin sales will help fund American Legion programs. With your support and the proceeds from this coin sale, our second century of service will get off to the right start, continuing the legacy that began a century ago.

To purchase a coin, or for more information, please visit Legion Coin Website or call 800-872-6468.