Needs List for Patient Assistance Program at the VA

The following is a list forwarded to us from the Canandaigua VA of items needed for their Patient Assistance Program.

Stamps for Indigent List; Swim Trunks (all sizes); Shorts in sizes 32 and 34 or Mediums; Belts (out of sizes 30, 32, 34); Medium size underwear; Crew Socks; 3X & 4X Undershirts; Sweatshirts and Sweatpants in all sizes (including 2X and up); Colored T-Shirts (XL-4XL); Jeans (32-34 lengths only); Men’s Winter Gloves; Sneakers (ALL Sizes); X-Large Tote Bags and good (clean) Suitcases/Duffle Bags; Cheap shoe inserts to put in used shoes for sanitary purposes; Men’s Shoe and Boot Laces; Battery operated reading lights; Sewing Kits.

Thank you for any items you can supply.