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You’re Invited!


In honor of National Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, Monroe County would like to honor you for your selfless service on this special day.


WHERE: Olmstead LodgeOlmstead Lodge

171 Reservoir Ave171 Ave

Rochester, NY 14620Rochester, 14620


WHEN: March 27, 2015



County Executive Maggie Brooks will present you with a proclamation of thanks, the Veterans Service Agency has a special token of appreciation for you, we’ll have light refreshments, and our guest speaker is the Director of the Homeland Security Management Institute… Colonel (Ret) John Perrone!

It will definitely be a great day–– we hope you’ll come!

Proposed Local Rules of Golf

The following is an article that makes a great deal of sense since our Post is going to be hosting a Golf Tournament on August 22, at the Winged Pheasant Golf Club in neighboring Shortsville. The article was found by Deanna Side, widow of John Side, USN.The proposed rules are stated as follows:

A ball hitting a tree shall be deemed not to have hit the tree.  Hitting a tree is simply bad luck and has no place in a scientific game.  The player should estimate the distance the ball would traveled if it had not hit the tree and play the ball from there, preferably from atop a firm tuft of grass.

There shall be no such thing as a lost ball.  The missing ball is somewhere on or near the course and will eventually be found and pocketed by someone else.  It thus becomes a stolen ball.  The player should not compound the felony by charging himself a penalty stroke.

If a putt passes over the hole without dropping it is deemed to have dropped.  The law of gravity holds that any object attempting to maintain a position  in the atmosphere without support must drop.  The law of gravity supersedes the law of golf…

Same thing goes for a ball that stops at the brink of the hole and hangs there, defying gravity.  You cannot defy the law…

Same thing goes for a ball that rims the cup  A ball should not go sideways.  This violates the law of physics.

A putt that stops close enough to the cup to inspire such comments as “You could blow it in” may be blown in.  This rule does not apply if the ball is more than three inches from the hole.  Afterall, no one wants to make a travesty of the game.

Get ready to tee it up for the first annual James R. Hickey Golf Tournament.

Get ready to tee it up for the first annual James R. Hickey Golf Tournament August 22 at The Winged Pheasant Golf Club in neighboring Shortsville.




Chili Cook-Off Returns to Warm Reception

After a four year wait, the long anticipated return of the Chili Cook-Off came to the Palmyra American Legion’s James R. Hickey Post #120 on Sunday, March 1st. Starting at 1:00 pm, seven contenders had anonymously placed their slow cookers filled with what they called their “best” chili on the table set up for the contest.  In front of the pots of simmering nutrition filled recipes, were cups, spoons, cheese, sour cream and other amenities that would make the tasting contest an enjoyable event.

Among the entries was one (for the true chili lover) so hot, it was said to be able to sear any open sore and is believed to have helped cauterize paper cuts.  Most of the entries were meant for family consumption and there were all ages there to take part in the judging.  Each of the chili entries was, in its own right, quite delicious and the judging was very close.  The most unique chili was named a “Hawaiian Chili” but, in one person’s concern, the chef who shared this used ham  and pineapple. Many people who had eaten chili in Hawaii were looking for SPAM which they considered the State’s official ham substitute.

A fee of $3.00 was charged to all who wanted to judge the chili and the fee allowed the “judge” to as much or as little as they wanted to eat to be sure the judging was absolutely accurate.  The money from the sampling fees went to the Post while the entry fees by the chili chefs became the coveted prize.

Winning this year’s Chili Cook-Off was Ray Jenkins who offered what he called his “Mexican Chili”.  It was, in fact, a delicious mixture of beans, meat and spices.  A good time was had by all who attended and participated in this fun event.

The chili cook-off contest marked a great way to share food with family and others at the James R. Hickey Post on March 1st.

The chili cook-off contest marked a great way to share food with family and others at the James R. Hickey Post on March 1st.