Centennial of World War I

World War I began 100 years ago.  During the Christmas Season of 1914, men from England and Germany faced each other across a shell pocked piece of real estate, doing what men in trenches could do.  A little known event took place that, when discovered by the generals, they made sure it never happened again.  Over 800,000 men were lost by the British during that war and it is hard to believe that this could have happened. However, on Christmas Day, 1914, it did happen.  The link below is to an advertisement by Sainsbury’s, a British company, made and supported by the Royal British Legion. A few million people have watched this around the world.  Some liked it, some not.  You decide for yourself.  It is an interesting piece of history not usually publicized.  Thanks to Dan Moore, (USAF Ret.) for this memory for the Centennial.

Christmas in the British Trench, 1914