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High School Class Gathers Support for VA with Project REACH

A Regents-Prep class in the Palmyra-Macedon High School, has been gathering materials that can be of use to veterans at the Canandaigua, NY, VA.  This class has been working with the James R. Hickey Post 120 for over a year and learning about and how to assist in ways to honor veterans.  The class, with their teacher and aide, have worked in the local cemetery decorating veterans’ graves with American Flags.  They invited Post members to attend their class and invited them to share the history of their service with which they were comfortable.  Class members asked for and received instructions on flag etiquette.

In the picture below, the class is ready to load the materials they have collected for the VA as part of their project to show their support for and thanks to the veterans.  On the left in the back row, Post Commander Ann Guest and Sgt. At Arms Bob Trox, along with VFW member Dean Guest are there to say thanks to the students and staff for their generous work. The student holding the sign says it all: “Thank You for your Service to Our Country”!