Good Health Promotions Considered Successful

Wednesday, October 15, turned out to be a Good Health Promotion Day at the Post.  James R. Hickey Post #120 hosted its First  “free” flu shot clinic with the help of RiteAid Pharmacy of Palmyra.  Between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, almost 20 people were provided with their flu vaccinations.  This opportunity had been advertised to the public for over a month.

People who came in for their flu shot were also offered information concerning cancer screening help from a Wayne County Cancer screening organization.    The Post coordinated these two events as an offering for Veterans, their families and friends.  Primarily, to offer an easy way to get their flu shots, but also to make awareness of what Wayne County will help with during Cancer Screenings.  How the County can help with influencing and perhaps enhancing or supporting the  VA was another topic that was shared with interested visitors.

Hand-outs of information regarding other inoculations and screenings were made available to persons who took part in this day’s offerings.  Because of the success this year, the Post hopes to be able to offer the clinic again next year to our Veterans, Families, Friends and the community.

The James R. Hickey Post #120 wants to thank Amber Jenkins for all her help in providing these opportunities for our Veterans and their families.

Post opened its' doors to persons seeking healthy help

Post Hosted Good Health Opportunities