Two “New” News-Articles of Important Information

There is a great new website on Agent  Orange Presumptive Conditions that lists a dramatic increase in number of conditions.  We have been asked to please pass this information on to other vets who might be affected.  The website is

A 2014 Benefits for Veterans and Dependents Book is now available.  This unique handbook, written for veterans, gives you everything you need to know about: how to apply, veterans service centers, choosing a facility, changing a facility, second opinions, prescriptions, dental care, chiropractic care, non-VA care, travel, POW benefits, appeals, grievances, confidentiality, financial issues, means testing, hardship determinations, waivers, medication co-payments, health insurance and a complete listing of VA facilities.

The link to all this information is found at:

All this information was supplied by the Air Force Security Forces Association, April, 2014, Newsletter