Another Delicious Success for March 29th Tour of Italy Dinner

It may have been snowing outside but the dining area of the Post hosted its own warm invitation to all who wanted to sample the delicious menu representing the Tour of Italy Buffet organized by Amber and the staff of Depot 25 Restaurant.  When one opened the back door, the smells of the cooking floated up the stairwell and beckoned you to see what was going on.  It is proven that smells hold some of the greatest memories we have.   When one approached the tables laden with food, the first area was devoted to the antipasto tray covered with fresh mozzerella cheese, surrounded by thinly sliced cappicola, prisciutto, and other meats.  Surrounding these were a variety of olives and other delicacies that filled in the tray.  Proceeding to the right one encountered salads, fresh bread sticks, tortolini alfredo, sausage, peppers, meatballs, greens and beans, chicken catchitore.  There was more food there than I can name or spell but it was outstanding! Finishing the circuit, the patron had a choice of Italian desserts and pastries.  It was impossible to walk away hungry. I suggest that if Amber organizes another tour dinner, be first on your block to sign up.  Thank you Amber and Depot 25!