New Secure VA Veteran Health Identification Cards Coming

The VA is introducing a new, secure identification card called the Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC). The VHIC replaces the Veteran Identification Card (VIC), which was introduced in 2004.

– VA is committed to providing high-quality, safe
and effective health care veterans have earned and deserve, and part of this effort includes ensuring the personal security of veterans.

– As part of a phased roll-out, which began on Feb. 21, VA began issuing the newly-designed, more secure VHIC to newly-enrolled and other veterans who were not issued a VIC. Beginning in April, VA will begin a replacement effort to automatically mail the more secure VHIC to veterans who have the old VIC. VA expects to complete the mailings if the new VHICs by July. To ensure receipt of the new VHIC, veterans should make sure that VA has their correct mailing address.
– The new VHIC is distinguished by additional security features and will have a different look and feel. The veteran’s Social Security number and date of birth are removed from the bar code and magnetic strip. Similar to a typical health insurance card, the VHIC displays the veteran’s member ID and branch of service emblem, a new unique identifier, as well as a Plan ID which reflects the veteran’s enrollment in VA health care.
– The VHIC is for use in VA medical facilities and does not authorize or pay for a veteran’s care at non-VA medical facilities. Enrolled-in-VA-Health-Care.asp
(source: USAF Security Police Assoc. 3/2/14)