Important information if you were stationed at Ft. McClellan, Alabama

If you were ever stationed at Ft. McClellan, Alabama, in the years 1935 through 1999 during your military service, then you were exposed to toxic chemicals. You need to file a claim with the VA for 100% service connection for toxic chemical exposure and make sure you cite HR 411 Ft McClellan Health Registry Act in your claim and attach a copy of it to your claim. Call the VA at 1-800-827-1000 for instructions on how to file a claim or file your claim online.
Agent Orange has NOTHING to do with H.R.411 Ft McClellan Health registry Act…PCB’s have everything to do with the bill. There is absolutely NO COVERAGE of AO in the bill.
By filing your claim now, you have to go through the Appeals process until H.R.411 Ft McClellan Health Registry Act is approved. It seems they are trying to get Presumptive Statusing…meaning as a presumptive, you will not have to prove it…it is already presumed. And, once H.R.411 is approved…your claim will already be in the VA system and you can be easily identified as a Ft McClellan Vet and get backpay back to the time you file your claim and/or to the time of exposure…not sure how the VA will work out finances or VA procedures. Legislation is pending.
Download and save to your computer and then upload and attach to your VA claim online and take a copy with you. It’s a PDF file. Contact your Congressmen and Senators to get them to support HR 411 Ft McClellan Health Registry Act.
provided by Ft McClellan Vet, Lars Vedvick