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Flag Etiquette Update

images  Flag Etiquette update



A change to Section 9 of the U.S. Flag Code written into the Defense Authorization Act this year now gives veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces authority to render a salute to the flag, whether or not they are in uniform or wearing identifying veteran apparel such as an American Legion cap.

All others present should remove any headwear, face the flag and place their right hand over their heart.
Headwear should be held to the left shoulder leaving the right hand over the heart. These acts are to be conducted any time there is a hoisting or lowering of the U. S. Flag, whenever it passes. Citizens of foreign countries should also stand.


source: fasny,p5,vol.66,issue 2

Post Active at the Wayne County Fair

Having a booth at the Wayne County Fair allowed the James R. Hickey Post 120, Palmyra, New York, to share information with many people who didn’t know a great deal about the American Legion or our James R. Hickey Post, in particular.

When the opportunity availed itself, information regarding contact information for Veterans’ Services in Wayne County or the Veterans Administration (VA) in Canandaigua, was also shared.  Applications and information for membership in the Post, the Auxiliary and the S.A.L.  and also the AmVets, was available and distributed.

A memorable occasion was when a WW II veteran, eligible for the Honor Flight experience, was provided with the contact information his children and grandchildren requested.

A big thank-you to the United States Army and United States Air Force Recruiters from the Geneva Recruitment Center, who graciously provided a number of mementos and give-away items of interest.  These items drew many people, both young and old, to our booth and allowed us the opportunities to talk about service and patriotism to enthusiastic listeners.

Air Force Birthday Celebrated


USAF Veterans share "Birthday" celebration

USAF Veterans share “Birthday” celebration


Wednesday evening, September 18, many veterans gathered at the Post to celebrate the birthday of the United States Air Force. The tradition of celebrating the “birthday” of each of the services represented in the American Legion was begun with our summer celebration of the United States Coast Guard. On October 13th, the Post will honor the Navy’s birthday while November 10th is reserved for the US Marine Corps. In June of 2014, the Post will complete the year and the fifth of the Armed Forces annual service centered celebration with the US Army. Amber Jenkins, Post Manager, provided a wonderful assortment of food and snacks which were devoured by the many people in attendance.






Bob Eagley not only found some of his old uniform (notice the old style stripes) but provided many of the decorations that made the party very meaningful. Mike was the official taste-tester of the meatballs and pronounced them outstanding!


  Amber takes some pictures to provide some memories of the evening for the Post HistorianIMG_0300